Chevrolet Exedy Performance Clutch Kit Transmission and Transaxle - Manual : Clutch Kit
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Chevrolet Exedy Performance Clutch Kit
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Weight: 20.0

Cavalier Stage 2 Performance Clutch kit

Exedy stage 2 performance kit, with cerametalic sprung hub disc and increased clamp loads, give it the capacity to handle the abuse of high powered modified engines. Excellent clutch for street use and or heavy track use.

Manufacturer: Exedy Racing Clutch
SKU: 104731 Part No: 04950
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$546.63  EA
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Special Notes
Cavalier 95-99 2.4L
Application Notes
110% increase in torque capacity, 1785lb clamp load, 225mm disc
YearsMakeModelEngine TypeLiter Size
1998 - 1999ChevroletCavalierL42.4
1996 - 1998ChevroletCavalier LSL42.4
1996 - 1998ChevroletCavalier Z24L42.4
2006ChevroletCobalt LSL42.2
2007ChevroletCobalt LSL42.2
2006ChevroletCobalt LTL42.2
2007ChevroletCobalt LTL42.2
2006ChevroletCobalt LTZL42.2
2007ChevroletCobalt LTZL42.2
2006 - 2007ChevroletCobalt SSL42.4
2006 - 2007ChevroletHHR LTL42.4
1998 - 1999PontiacGrand AML42.4
1995PontiacGrand AM GTL42.3
1996 - 1998PontiacGrand AM GTL42.4
1995PontiacGrand AM SEL42.3
1996 - 1998PontiacGrand AM SEL42.4
1998 - 1999PontiacSunfireL42.4
1995PontiacSunfire GTL42.3
1996 - 1997PontiacSunfire GTL42.4
1995PontiacSunfire SEL42.3
1996 - 1997PontiacSunfire SEL42.4