Ford Diesel Luk Solid Flywheel Conversion Kit

7.3 Diesel Heavy Duty Clutch Kit

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Part #: 07-131

F250 F350 F450 5spd 7.3 Diesel Non Turbo 87-94 And Trucks With Aftermarket Turbos. Must Use With Luk Flywheel Lfw127.

Ford Diesel Luk Solid Flywheel Conversion Kit fits the following vehicles:

Luk solid flywheel conversion clutch kit only for ford diesel trucks. the 07-131 clutch kit fits ford diesel trucks equipped with the 6.9 and 7.3 idi diesel engines. this clutch kit is designed to be used with luk flywheel lfw127 or lfw128 depending on whether the truck was equipped with a factory turbo or not. the luk 07-131 clutch kit is a 12.25" clutch kit and a serious upgrade over the factory 11" clutch kit. the luk clutch kit is larger, much easier pedal effort, and a 30% increase over facorty torque capacity. be sure to purchase a genuine luk clutch kit and not an off shore knockoff unit being sold by many of the online resellers.

This item is equivalent to:

Manufacturer Part number
LuK Stock Replacement Clutch Kits 6313091000