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Carolina Clutch, one of ACT's largest distributors, carries a full line of ACT clutch kits and ACT flywheels. Carolina Clutch chose to market ACT products because each ACT clutch product is unparalleled in strength, durability and materials. ACT clutch products combine all the features needed in a performance clutch or flywheel with many different combinations to choose from. Materials used from design to production provide the platform for a solid engineered part. ACT provides quality that lasts, materials that work and processes that perform to ensure calculated results. Simple yet advanced. ACT designs each part for a high standard of performance. There are no shortcuts taken on the ACT road. Every design has been evaluated for benefits and tradeoffs. Clamp load, friction, pedal feel, working range and other characteristics are carefully tested and assessed. ACT offers the best combination to achieve the maximum performance. No gimmicks or misleading advertisements — just plain and simple engineering and calculated results.

ACT clutches and flywheels offer proven performance for both street and full race applications. ACT employs vehicle testing, dynamometer results, laboratory testing, and the latest in CAD, 3D modeling, and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software to develop many of their products long before they come to market. There is no guesswork and very few surprises.

Calculated results are given for each clutch by publishing the increase in clamp load and estimated torque capacity in our catalog and on our website. These are not mere marketing claims, but accurate estimates based from solid engineering principles, confirming what we already know from the track. Each pressure plate is load tested and cycled to ensure parts meet ACT's strict quality standards. Extra steps are taken with virtually every ACT clutch part to provide added value. Some of these steps include improved designs, hardening on critical wear points, computer balancing and SFI certification. ACT clutch products not only out perform the competition, but out last them as well. Rather than take shortcuts to cut cost, we insist on quality. ACT clutch adds value that you may not initially notice, but you will appreciate thousands of miles later.

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ACT Flywheels

Streetlite Flywheels · Prolite Flywheels

Most stock flywheels are heavy cast iron and are designed for optimum drivability by storing some of the engine's power in the form of inertia. Lightweight flywheels provide significantly improved engine response and acceleration by compromising drivability. ACT Xact flywheels are designed for improving engine response, strength, and affordability. ACT Streetlite flywheels offer the best drivability for a lightweight flywheel used in street applications. ACT Prolite flywheels are lighter than the streetlite flywheel from machining slots throughout the flywheel. The Prolite flywheel provides the lowest amount of inertia in ACT Flywheels.

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