RPS Performance Clutch Kits

A little background on RPS

RPS was founded in 1989 and made a name for themselves producing some of the fastest import drag race cars, engines, turbo kits and clutches at the time. Starting in the 2000's RPS concentrated on producing the finest carbon clutches in the world. Today they are an industry leader in carbon clutches and brakes and are one of the only manufacturers in the world capable of machining carbon-carbon material. RPS designs, engineers, and manufactures all of their products in house right in Los Angeles California on their 9 CNC lathes and mills.

RPS Carbon Clutch Kits are not the cheapest on the market, due to carbon being the highest quality and most expensive friction material used in clutches, and thus are not for everyone. But if you own a high horsepower car and want a clutch that can handle the power, get those horses to the ground, and maintain excellent driving characteristics then look no further.

Here at Carolina Clutch we are the exclusive worldwide distributor of RPS Carbon Clutch Kits for GM and Ford applications. We have been working directly with RPS in the GM and Ford arena for over 12 years, working with many of the best known tuners around the country on a variety of cars ranging from 450hp all the way up to 2300hp.

Selecting the right kit for your car

If your car makes:

  • 450hp – 800hp, the Street Twin Full and BC2 Series are excellent choices based on rwhp, intended use of the car, driving style, and any future improvements to hp.
  • 750hp – 1100hp, the BC2 and BC3 series carbon clutch are an excellent choice in this range. Depending on intended use of the car, driving style, and any future improvements to hp, will help determine the clutch needed for your application.
  • 1000hp – 2400hp, the BC3 and BC4 series carbon clutch will be your two options for the RPS Carbon Clutch line.
  • 1500hp – 2400hp, the BC4 series carbon clutch is the ultimate choice for the monster hp car. All RPS BC4 series kits also include a Tilton Adjustable Slave Cylinder.

Our best advice when choosing a kit is be sure to never under clutch the car you are building or plan to build. If you are near the upper range of power for a particular kit, seriously consider opting for the next higher kit if you plan on making more improvements to your car.

Driving characteristics

The most common questions we get regarding the RPS line of kits are related to their driving characteristics and streetability. Every carbon clutch RPS makes can be driven on the street. These are not track only clutches like some others. RPS's Street Twin Full (STF) clutch drives as close to stock as possible while holding up to 750 Lb-ft of torque to the tire and without giving up regular runs at the drag strip. RPS's Billet Twin, Triple and Quad clutches (BC2, BC3, BC4) are very streetable even though they are more track oriented. In fact, the BC4 is the most street friendly racing clutch of its kind. The BC series clutches do have a shorter dis-engagement and engagement stroke than stock, so an adjustable 3/4" master cylinder is recommended to limit pedal travel. All this being said, a clutch is a mechanical device, it will not conform to your driving habits. Every clutch is a little different in feel, release, and engagement. After installing your new clutch, you will need a few test runs to get the feel of the new driving characteristics and the new engagement and disengagement points.